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Sophisticated Vimanas Over Dwarka -
Pre-Harappan City That Could Rewrite
The History Of The World

Krishna's legendary Dwarka built on the site of an even earlier sacred city, named Kususthali, was a well-planned city with a modern and technologically advanced harbor adjusted to traffic of large entering ships. The remains of what has been described as a huge lost city, found by researchers not long ago, may force historians and archaeologists to radically reconsider their view of ancient human history... Read more:

Possible Hybrid Skull In Tunnels Under Giza - It It Of Extraterrestrial Origin

10 Great Ancient Mysteries Of North America - A Land Full Of Ancient Secrets

The Ancient Flying Machines Of Icarus and Daedalus

Strange Phenomenon Of Bee Hive Shaped Tombs Around The World

Rosicrucians' Secret Knowledge Of
Extraterrestrial Visitations

Humanity's Common Secret: Spiral Was Brought to Earth By Alien Gods And Was With Humans From The Very Beginning

Sunken City Of Kekova In Turkey: Home Of The Ancient "Sea People"

Sacred Tibetan Books Reveal: Unimaginable Lifespan Of The 'Heavely Ones'

Mystery Of Ancient Metal Clamps - Advanced Lost Technology Modern Science Still Cannot Explain

King Solomon's Magical Shamir Could Cut Through Any Stone - Is The Object Yet Another Proof Of Ancient Alien High-Tech?

Italy's Stunning Secret Temples Of Damanhur - Where Legend, Mysticism And Beauty Meet

Pre-Christian Mystery - Janus - 'All Seeing And All Knowing God'

Mysterious Stone Of The Sky God - Krishna's Butter Ball Defies All Laws Of Physics

Monstrous Nomoli Figures - Relics Left By Unknown Culture That Vanished Thousands Of Years Ago

Mysterious Tiahuanaco Empire Established By The Sons Of The Sun - An Unknown Chapter Of Prehistory

Was There An Explosion In The Great Pyramid In Antiquity?

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity - Book Review

Elongated Skulls From The Coast Of Chile And The World's Oldest Mummies

Ancient Secrets Of Megaliths And Anti-Gravity Revealed - Examination Of An Unknown Property Of Static Electricity

Incredible 5,000-Year-Old Temple Complex In Orkney Could Re-Write History Of Scotland

Two More Unexplained Giant Holes Discovered In Siberia Baffle Scientists

Legendary And Mysterious Stone Of Brutus - The London Stone Refuses To Give Up Its Secrets

Did Humans Evolve From Reptilians? The Serpent Connection From Ancient Myths To Modern Science

Controversial Sealand Skull Still Raises Many Questions Is It Of Extraterrestrial Origin?

Was Quetzalcoatl An Extraterrestrial From The Pleiades?

Remarkable Stone Depicting Ancient Alien Star Map Discovered At Mount Of Satan, Indonesia

Was An Extraterrestrial Mummified Together With King Tutankhamun?

Highly Advanced Robots In Ancient China - Mechanical Engineering Ahead Of Its Time

Extraordinary Discovery: Does The Revninge-Woman Depict The Goddess Freya?

Mysterious Cochno Stone Uncovered Again After 50 Years

Jonathan Swift's Secret Knowledge & Extraordinary Interaction With UFOs

Mysterious 36,500-Year- Old Footprints Discovered In Carpathian Mountain Cave
Could Re-Write History

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Megalithic Ancient Stone Prison In Peru Created By A Mysterious Culture

Interview With Bruce Fenton - Author Of Ancient Aliens In Australia

Controversial Inca History You Have Never Heard About

Stunning Discovery Of Rare Pyramid-Shaped Tomb In Asuka, Japan

Unique Karelian Rock Carvings Display Stunning Special Light Effects Just Like A Prehistoric "Cinema"

Mount Shasta's Mysterious Mounds And Prehistoric Earthworks

Huge Archaeological Discovery In Greece: Exceptional Ancient Tomb From Era Of Alexander The Great Unearthed

The Basis of All Knowledge? Australia's Stonehenge May Re-Write World History

Paititi: Legendary Lost Inca City Of Gold... Still To Be Found

Dandaleith Stone: Scotland's Rare Symbol Stone Of The Picts - Will It Be Deciphered Now?

Traces Of A 9,000-Year-Old Lost Unknown Civilization Discovered In Lake Huron, Michigan

The Amazing Ancient Elongated Headed Baby Of Paracas Peru

Did An Extraterrestrial Spacecraft Land In Ancient China? Remarkable UFO Accounts From The Past

The Disappearance
Of The Children Of Viracocha - Part 1-3

Giant Artificial Mound
With Spiral Located in Ecuador

Mythical Temple Of Wingded Warrior God Haldi Discovered In The "City Of The Raven"

Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt: Obvious Evidence In The Artifacts

Extraordinary 6,500-Year-Old "Noah" Skeleton Re-Discovered - A Survivor Of The Great Flood Hidden In Museum

Frequencies Documented in Stones & Artifacts From Bosnian Pyramids As Energy Photos

Huge Viking Burial Discovered Beneath Streets of Dublin

2,100-Year-Old Chinese Tomb Filled With 10,000 Treasures Unearthed

Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt: Obvious Evidence In The Aswan Quarry

Search For Noah's Ark Continues - The 'Inside Mount Ararat' Research Project

High Altitude Ancient Stone Energy Towers Of Peru - Who Made These Towers And Why?

Searching For Giants In The Georgian Mountains - What Secrets Are Hidden In The Ancient Stone Crypt?

The Proposed Alien
Skeleton Found Near Cusco Peru

Ancient Aliens In Australia:
Pleiadian Origins of Humanity

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Unknown Experiments Conducted In The Mica Chambers Of Teotihuacan

Did Prehistoric Inhabitants Of Thiermes Fear Alien Battles In The Sky?

Ajanta Caves - Incredible Accomplishment Of India's Ancient Stonecutters

Highly Sophisticated Underground City Of Derinkuyu - Who Were The Master Builders?

Sumerian King List And Rocket Traveling King Etana

Malta's Prehistoric Dark Secrets - What Experiments Were Conducted On The Island's Bizarre And Mysterious Hypogeums?


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