Cannibalistic Shapeshifter Wendigo In Myths And Legends Of The Indians Of North America And Canada

A. Sutherland – – In some myths of the Algonquian tribes of North America, a mythological creature known as Wendigo takes different forms.

This illness feeds on a spiritual void. It is a cannibal, a monster, and when there is nothing left to eat, it starves to death. When it sees something, it wants to own it. No one else can have anything.

Wendigo: Cannibalistic Shapeshifter In Mythology Of Indians Of North America And Canada

Credit: Adobe Stock – Daniel

The Wendigo is a danger that surrounds us. It is not only a creature from myths and legends of the ancients.

The Algonquian Native Americans represent the most extensive and numerous North American groups, with hundreds of tribes speaking several related dialects of the language group, Algonkian.

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