Chasing UFOs:
Premiere For National Geographic Channel's New Series!

29 June, 2012 - If you are interested in UFOs and possible extraterrestrial visitations, you have something to look forward to!

National Geographic Channel's new series "Chasing UFOs" has premier on June 29!

Just like Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot", Chasing UFOs is produced by Ping Pong Productions.

According to the show's description "a team of trained investigators sets out to uncover the truth about UFOs.

But they're not just looking for more stories on extraterrestrial activity-they want answers.

Risking it all, this team of scientists and UFO researchers investigate and dissect some of the most mysterious sightings on the planet to unearth stunning new evidence.

The data they collect on these adventures paints an entirely new picture of what we know about these strange lights in the sky."

The team consists of skeptic Ben McGee, ufologist James Fox and I-want-to-believer Erin Ryder ("Destination Truth").

The Chasing UFOs team stands with Constable Leroy Gaitan who witnessed a UFO in Dublin, TX. Image credit: National Geographic

The first two episodes are "Texas is for Sightings" and " Dirty Secrets - Hidden Military Bunker?"

Texas is for Sightings

The saying, "Everything's bigger in Texas" proves to be true when Ryder, James and Ben investigate reports of mysterious lights spotted in the skies over two Texas towns.

Hidden Military Bunker?

Residents in central California fear they are being watched after witnessing unusual objects patrolling the night skies. Some say the government is using alien aircraft to spy on citizens.

A metal fragment at a crash site at the Grist Mill.
Photo by National Geographic Channels/ Snake Oil Productions
This event is discussed in episode "Texas is For Sightings"

In other episodes the research team will investigate abductions stories, visit Roswell New Mexico, and examine the orbs filmed around NASA's space shuttles, the Fresno sighting and more.

The Chasing UFOs episode guide is available online.

"There may be something out there" and the Chasing UFOs team is determined to find out what it is!


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