Deep Unexplained Hole Appears Over Night In Austria

15 March, 2012 - Inhabitants in Neuhofen im Innkreis in Austria are puzzled. A strange, deep, perfectly round hole suddenly appeared over night leading down to a metallic construction 25-foot underground.

The entire area is now filled with reporters, archaeologists, geologists, UFO experts, and of course many curios visitors who want to see what was happened.

The hole was discovered by Farmer Franz Knoglinger, 47 who was out looking for his cat.

"I was looking for our family cat Murlimann when I noticed the hole. I didn't know how deep it was then so I dropped the stone down there, and heard a metallic clunk.

From the time it took for the stone to reach the bottom I realised it was very deep.

I managed to get a big magnet which I dangled down there and it clearly fastened onto something at the bottom - so there is something large and metallic about down there. It also sounds as if there is a hollow space around about whatever the metal object is - it sounds as if there is a room underneath," Franz Knoglinger says.

A deep hole appeared over night in in Neuhofen im Innkreis in Austria

Knoglinger explains that he needed 25 foot of rope to lower the magnet down and the local plumber who had tried to use a special camera to view the object had failed to get an image.

"There seem to be disturbance on the line - maybe it was some sort of electrical field. Either way the camera didn't bring a good result," Knoglinger continues.

The opening is being examined.

So what could possibly explain the appearance of this odd hole?

The opinions are divided. Archaeologist think the hole could have been left by a wooden timber from an underground burial chamber that had rotted away.

Locals suggest it might have been a bomb as the area had been heavily targeted during the war.

UFO believers have suggested the hole could lead to a buried spacecraft.

The appearance of the deep hole cannot yet be explained, but at least the family cat has appeared again, Se had been sleeping in an airing cupboard at the family farm and the door had been closed, shutting her in.

This video shows what the researchers could observe when they put a camera down to the bottom.

Researchers are now busy examining the hole and we can only they will be able to explain what caused the sudden opening.

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