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Traces Of Giants Discovered In Egypt?

13 June, 2014

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Follow us: - It is time for an amazing archaeological discovery, coming straight from Egypt, the land of pyramids and pharaohs.

According to the German newspaper,, a researcher named Gregor Spörri has presented a number of photos of a mummified giant finger. These incredible images are now being shown to the public for the first time.

Does this finger belong to a human? No, it cannot, due to its size!

The finger is 15 inches long and if it is genuine, it belonged to someone who was more than 16 feet tall!

There are many stories of giants in the Bible and other holy books, as well as myths and legends from across the world. These stories have always been dismissed by scientists, but over the years many curious artifacts have been unearthed and some of them do support the theory that giants once walked the Earth.

The images provided by Spörri are astonishing. You can even clearly see the fingernail.

Did this finger once belong to a real giant? Credit: Gregor Spörri

Gregor Spörri in Egypt

Credit: Gregor Spörri

The photos were taken during excavation in 1988, but they have not been published until now.

Unfortunately, this finger is not housed in any Egyptian museum.

In 1988, Gregor Spörri came in contact with "an old man from a grave robber dynasty."

Spörri had to pay 300 dollars to see the mummified finger and take pictures of it.

Spörri was not allowed to buy the finger. The relic was very important to the old Arab and his family.

All Spörri had were the photos which he brought back to Europe.

For years he tried to interest scientists in this odd finding. However, since this unorthodox artifact did not fit any of the already well-established theories, it could not be real, scientists quickly concluded.

Another photo of the giant finger photographed in Egypt. Credit: Gregor Spörri

In 2009, Gregor Spörri returned once again to Egypt and tried to find the old man to learn more about this extraordinary discovery. Unfortunately, Spörri was unable to located the man.

Perhaps one day some historian or archaeologist will bother to examine this curious finding and we will learn more about this artifact.


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