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Giants' Ancient Connections - Exposed

12 May, 2014

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Follow us: - In one of our earlier articles, we mentioned discoveries of giant remains in the Philippines, South-Eastern China, Ceylon and Assam, near the East Pakistan.

At Agadir in Morocco, there has been discovered at least 300,000 years old and complete arsenal of hunting weapons including five hundred double-edged axes weighing seventeen and a half pounds - which means twenty times(!) as heavy as would be convenient for modern man.

Apparently, these weapons were once used by giants. Apart from the question of weight, to handle this kind of heavy axe at all, one would need to have extraordinary hands of a size similar to those of a giant, with a stature of at least 13 feet.

Other similar tools of gigantic size along with the bones of their giant users have been also found in the region of Moravia, Czech Republic and Syria. In 1880, in Clear Water, Minnesota, people found giant skeletons with skulls having additional rows of teeth, while other ones had arms and legs with 6 fingers.

In 1911, several large mummified remains of red haired humans ranging from 2-2.5 meters (6.5 feet to over 8 feet) tall were dug up at Lovelock Cave, (70 miles) north-east of Reno, Nevada, during a mining operation. These bones validate ancient legends of the local Piute Indians regarding giants, which they called Si-Te-Cahs, but for some reasons, these finds were never investigated.

Giants play an important part in the mythology of every culture that has inhabited the earth, from the region of Mediterranean prehistoric races to the American Indians, Tibet and Australia. Giants were everywhere.

There are countless myths that before the Flood, our planet was inhabited by a race of giants credited with building enormous megalithic structures.

According to Incan legends, mysterious Tiahuanaco was built by a race of giants, the so-called "Huaris", before the "period of darkness" (Chamak-pacha), and was already in ruins before their civilization began.

In his famous book "Fingerprints of the Gods", Graham Hancock cites an interesting passage from Fr. Jose de Acosta's "Natural and Moral History of the Indies", in which the learned priest set out 'what the Indians themselves report of their beginning':

They make great mention of a deluge, which happened in their country … The Indians say that all men were drowned in the deluge, and they report that out of Lake Titicaca came one Viracocha, who stayed in Tiahuanaco, where at this day there are to be seen the ruins of ancient and very strange buildings, and from thence came to Cuzco, and so began mankind to multiply …"

In another myth cited by Hancock, it is said that:

"the great Creator God, Viracocha, decided to make a world for men to live in. First he made the earth and sky. Then he began to make people to live in it, carving great stone figures of giants which he brought to life. At first all went well but after a time the giants began to fight among themselves and refused to work. Viracocha decided that he must destroy them. Some he turned back into stone … the rest he overwhelmed with a great flood…"

As Hancock points out in his book, there are very similar notions regarding these events, found in other - "quite unconnected", as he says, sources, such as the Jewish Old Testament.
The Book of Genesis (6: 4) narrates that in the antediluvian time "there were giants [Nephilim ]in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them: the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown."

Consequences of Yahweh's disapproval of this kind of doing are known.
The Greek "Book of Baruch" narrates that over four hundred thousand of giants were destroyed by the Flood. After the Flood, there were only a few districts where some of them remained alive.

"Could the 'giants' buried in the biblical sands of the Middle East be connected in some unseen way to the 'giants' woven into the fabric of pre-Colombian native American legends? asks Hancock in his "Fingerprints of the Gods".

There are countless passages and curious parallels regarding the existence of giants around the world. These passages offer evidence that our ancestors encountered giants in the distant past.

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