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10 Mysterious Ancient Underground Worlds That Remain Unsolved To This Day

Join us on a journey to ancient marvelous underground realms and visit the most incredible subterranean worlds. Ancient myths and legends tell of several mysterious underground cities filled with secret chambers, passages between shrines and tombs... Read more:

Mystery Of Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove And Remarkable Ancient Alien-Looking Figures

God's Personal Flying Vehicle Described
In The Book of Ezekiel

'Temples Of The African Gods': New Evidence That Sumerians/Egyptians Inherited The Knowledge

Ancient Aliens In Colombia: A
Frightening Look At The Faces Of The
Sky Gods

Ancient Rulers With Elongated Skulls
And Their Connection To Ancient Aliens

The Lost City Of The Tairona Hidden
In The Jungles Of Colombia

Annunaki And Their Magnificent Spaceships: Evidence Of Ancient Aliens Flying In The Skies

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India's Iron Age May Have Come Into Existence Much Before The Rest Of The World

Unveiling The Enigma Of Peru's Mochica Culture

Mythical 'Eternal Flames' Of Ancient Worship Reveal Their Secrets, Researcher says

Gebel El Silsila Sacred Area: Remains Of Long-Lost New Kingdom Temple Unearthed

Part Of 2,000-Year-Old Jerusalem's Lower Aqueduct Unearthed

Underwater 12,000 Feet Tall Obelisk And 39,424 Feet Deep Hole Found part 2

Bulgarian-British Researchers Will Identify And Map Underwater Sites Off Bulgaria's

About 2,400 To 2,800 Years Old Leather Balls Show Polo Was Early China Sport

Was Japan's Oldest Basil Pollen Discovered In Nara ruins 'Medicine' From China?

Island In Nova Scotia, Canada: It's Cursed And Hiding Priceless Treasure, Legend

Magnificent Ancient City Of Palmyra In Danger: Isis Reached Gates Of The City

Tallest Wall Ever Found Near Iran's Mysterious Burnt City

Possible Existence Of A Sixth DNA Base, Researchers Say

Daily News

Archaeologists Will Excavate Bulgaria's 'Stonehenge': Ancient Thracian Stone

Bulgarian archaeologists will soon begin excavations
of the 6th century BC megalithic structure - the
'Bulgarian Stonehenge' - an Ancient Thracian stone
circle (cromlech) and... Read more:

Ancient Rome's Sun Recreated By Astronomers - Emperors Built Structures Aligned With The Sun

Did A Comet Destroy An Advanced
Ancient Race Approximately 13,000 Years Ago?

First Evidence That Neanderthals Were Present On The Greek Island Naxos

Extraordinary Discovery Of 3.3-Million-Year-Old
Stone Tools Created By Unknown Species
Could Re-Write History

Mystery Of The Black Forest Egtved Girl: She
Was Not From Denmark

Saxon Find At Stafford: A Wooden Butter
Churn Lid Is Over 1000 Years Old

Preserve Elfdalian: Sweden's Secret
Forest Language From The Viking-Era

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Incredible Man-Made Gold Pyramid In North America Reveals Evidence Of Healing Effects

Unexplained Terrifying "Trumpet" Sound Emanating From The Sky Heard World-Wide

Dragon's Head - One Of The Most Famous Viking Symbols

Something Ancient And Unknown Hidden Inside Underground Structure...

400,000-Year-Old Skeleton With Alien DNA Baffles Scientists


Enoch - The Initiator -
Pre-Flood Messenger Of God

Advanced Ancient Technology:
Could Ancient Peruvians Soften Stone?

Three-Eyed Lama's Encounter With Giants & Ancient Extraterrestrial Beings

Mysterious Great Pyramid Of China:
Almost Totally Unknown Even To Most Chinese

Never Explained Mystery Of Star-Shaped Towers Of The Himalayas

Is Mysterious And Powerful Vajra One Of The Most Dangerous Weapons Of The Gods?

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When Science, Spirituality and Magic Meet - Re-Discovering Old Ancient Knowledge

Mysterious World Of Ancient Dwarves

Eternal Atlantis - Story Of The World Rooted In The Mythic Traditions

Will Liquid Mercury Show The Way To King's Tomb In Mysterious City Of Teotihuacan?

Mystery Of The Ainu Civilization And Its Unknown Origin - Our Ancestors Came From Space

Is Death A Dream Or Illusion?

Controversial Pyramids: They Were Built For Unknown Purpose We Are Not Able To Explain

Mysterious Dark Watchers - One Of America's Greatest Ancient Riddles

Lost Device Of Highly Advanced Civilization: 3,000-Year-Old Mystery

Pre-Christian Mystery - Stone Figure With Hidden Unexplainable Distant Past

Wandjina - Legacy Of Australian Aborigine Cave Paintings

Amazing Gigantic Engravings Existed Long Before Ancient Egypt

Vijayanagara - The City Of Devas - 'The Shining Ones' - Place Where Mythology And History Coexist

11 Extraordinary Out-Of-Place Artifacts That Science Cannot Explain

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Ancient Alien Visitations

Ancient Alien Agenda: Were Grey Aliens And Hybrids Present In Prehistoric Egypt?

Rosicrucians' Secret Knowledge Of Extraterrestrial Visitations

Mysterious Flying "Wisdom Lamps" In The Skies

Humans' Extraterrestrial DNA - Did We Inherit Our Genes?

Ancient Aliens In Polynesia - Did Extraterrestrials Visit The Island Of Nuku Hiva?

Forgotten Kingdom Of Ebla Destroyed By The Weapons Of The Gods

Advanced Ancient Technology

Controversial 5,500-Year-Old Sumerian Star Map Of Ancient Nineveh

Prehistoric Hermetic Towers: 'Acupuncture Needles', Man-Made Antennae Or Signaling Devices?

Stunning Proof Of Future Technology From The Past

Controversial Pyramids: They Were Built For Unknown Purpose We Are Not Able To Explain

Mysterious Ancient Artificial 7 Edged Star Of Unknown Origin

High-Technology Is A Legacy Of The Ancients

Mysterious Ancient Civilizations & Places

Mysterious Urkesh And Its Elusive Civilization Of The Hurrians

'An Embarrassing Enigma' - The Mysterious Olmecs' True Origin

Tracing Footsteps Of Giants In Africa - Obscure Past Of Mzoura Stones

Ruins Of The Kingdom Of Guge In Tibet: The Mystery Of How Such A Huge Kingdom Was ...

Monte Albán - Secrets Of Ancient Place 'At The Foot Of The Heavens'

Man-Made Remarkable Underwater Structures Could Rewrite History Of Wisconsin

Ancient Underground Worlds

Ancient Lost City Found Beneath Missouri: Yet Another Archaeological Cover-Up?

Brian's Strange Incident With Unknown Underground World

Secret Undergrounds Worlds & The Alien Agenda: What Do Ancient Myths And Modern Stories Tell Us?

Ancient Story About Thousand-Year-Old Underground Network Of Caves

Ancient Scripts, Inscriptions & Symbols

Ancient Books, Scrolls And Manuscripts Burned By Church And Evil Emperors

The Lost Prophecy Reveals Chilling Future Events

Controversial 5,500-Year-Old Sumerian Star Map Of Ancient Nineveh Reveals Observation Of Köfels' Impact Event

Ancient Secrets Of Mankind And The Anunnaki Revealed On The 14 Tablets of Enki

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