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Atlantis and Atzlan

A claim that there was at least one pre-deluge civilisation has been found in the earliest known writings, i.e that of the Sumerians, who said their people arrived in Sumer, in Southern Iraq, from a flood destroyed land. They also said that the Flood was caused by the Annunaki... Read more:

Massive Entryway With Impressive Corridor In 2,000-Year-Old King Herod's Fortress - Discovered

First Record Of Ancient Music Of Babylon

Mysterious 'Temple Of The Crossed Hands' -Oldest Archaeological Structure Of The Andes

Purposes Of Roman Mosaics: Drive Away Bad Luck And The Evil Eye, Dispel The Envious

Evidence Of 8,000-Year-Old Olive Oil Discovered

Discovered: 1,000-Year-Old Manuscript Is The Earliest Known Piece Of Polyphonic Music - Dedicated To Boniface, Patron Saint Of Germany

Biblical Kings David and Solomon Were Not Fiction - Six Clay Seals Found By MSU Archaeologists Deliver New Evidence

Stunning New Discoveries In The Mysterious "Million Mummy Necropolis" Revealed

Tattooed Princess Ukok Finally Reburied In Special Monument On Ukok Plateau, Altai

Ancient Stone Slab Supports Evidence Of King David's Existence

Did Water Cause The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire?

Altai Princess Ukok Was Of European Origin - Ukok Plateau Will Be Her Burial Place

A Well-Preserved 2,800-Year-Old Farm House Unearthed In Israel

Tomb Of Karomama -
'Divine Wife Of God Amun' Found

Genetic Engineering
In Ancient Times

Excavations In The Ancient City
Of Jupiter Capitolinus

A 7,500-Year-Old Underwater Water Well Discovered Off Coast Of Haifa, Israel

Ancient D-Shaped Wari Temple
In Peru Unearthed

1,300-Year-Old Imperial Building Unearthed in Japan's First Capital

Ancient Romans Of Pompeii Loved Graffiti

Burnt Flints From Tabun Cave Can Re-Write History Of Evolution - Humans Mastered Fire 350,000 Years Ago

Intriguing Bronze Icons Of Lord Vittala - An Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu And Lord Janardhana Discovered

Hundreds Of Priceless Ancient Roman Artifacts Discovered Under British Embassy

Mysterious And Controversial Past Of Emperor Qin Shi Huang

Statuettes Discovered At Luxor's Karnak Temple Complex

Ancient Lost City Found Beneath Missouri: Yet Another Archaeological Cover-Up?

Ancient Buddhist Tales Reveal Prophesy Of Psychiatry

Sarcophagus Of God Amun's Singer Discovered In The Tomb Of Amenhotep Huy In The Bahariya Oasis, Egypt

Egyptian/Nordic Sun Cult Connection: Trade Routes - Denmark, Egypt And Mesopotamia 3,400 Years Ago

Prehistoric Rare Rock Paintings Endangered In India Due to Illegal Mining And Quarrying

Ancient City Of Metsamor - Captured And Destroyed By Argishti The King Of Urartu

Exploration Of The Song Dynasty's Largest And Oldest Shipwreck
'Nanhai Number One'

Movie Exodus: Gods and Kings Raises Heated Debate On Ancient Egyptians' Skin Color

Sophisticated High-Temperature Metalworking - Very Early European Presence In Arctic Canada

Forgotten Bathonea - 'Library Of Constantinople' Sheds Light On Earliest Days Of Great Civilization

A Rare Anglo-Saxon Carving Accidentally Unearthed By Gardener

Athens Greece: The Ancient Megalithic Works On The Hill Of The Muses

Health, Illness, Treatment Of Diseases In Ancient Greece

Rome: A City of Layers Reveals Another Destroyed Structure Hidden Under The Surface

15 Warriors Who Participated In The Storming Of Aalborg 1534 Unearthed

Largest Inca Site In Ecuador

Birthplace Of The Inca -
NOT Lake Titicaca?

New Prehistoric Rock Art Paintings With Mystic Figures Of Humans, Animals Discovered In Kadapa, India

Are These Really The World's
10 'Most Valuable' Books To Humanity?

British Brigade Was Planning
An Elgin-Style Robbery
At Amphipolis

King Richard III - Oldest Forensic Case Closed After 529 Years

Mysterious Identity Of Amphipolis Tomb: Kasta Hill Still Has Many Secrets To Be Revealed

Bep Kororoti - Sky God And Ancient Space Warrior Who Visited Earth

Incredible Ancient Skeletons Covered In Priceless Jewelry

Unveiling The Sandby Borg Massacre - Excavation of Ringfort On The Island Of Öland, Sweden

Legendary Kachinas - Watchers
Of The Hopi

A New Type Of Chinese Porcelain Discovered At Ancient Chinese Kiln Ruins Site

Ancient Monastery In The Middle Of 'Syria's Stonehenge' - Underground Caves, Tombs, Stone Circles Older Than Pyramids

Fascinating Discovery: Will 28 Original Drawings Shed Light On Ancient Archaeological Mystery?

A 23,000 Years Old Limestone 'Venus' Figurine Unearthed In France

Six Unusual "Vampire" Graves Unearthed In Poland

Anglo-Saxon Burial Site Scanned By Army Hospital X-Ray Machine Reveals Intriguing Details

Liao Dynasty's Ancient Largest Mining And Metallurgy Ruins Discovered in Beijing, China

Dogu - 'Statuettes Of Lenses' And Mysterious Jomon Culture That Flourished Millennia Before The Christian Era

Sophisticated Sewage System, Heating Technique Used In Ancient City Of Pisidia, Turkey

Enigmatic Antikythera Mechanism Still Full Of Secrets

Decline Of Ancient Sculptures And Figures Of Taxila - Ancient Center Of Higher Education

Mysterious Minaret of Jam - Ancient Missile-Like Skyscraper Pointing To The Stars

Underwater City: Unveiling The Secrets At The Bottom Of Fuxian Lake

A mystery lies scattered on the unexplored bottom of Fuxian Lake. Ancient legend says that a city-like silhouette under the lake from the nearby mountains can be clearly seen on a fine, calm day. Archaeological excavations revealed... Read more:

Ancient Bathonea Excavations: Skull Reveals A Successful Brain Surgery Performed 1,000 Years Ago

Racton Man Was A 6ft Bronze Age Superman

Legend Of Baku - The Dream Eater - Was It An Ancient Supernatural Being?

Mysterious Ancient Ghost City Of Bhangarh And The Curse Of The Holy "Magician"

Technologically Sophisticated Artifacts With Potential To Change History

Quest For Legendary Ophir - The Biblical El Dorado

The Mystery Of Ancient Ever-Burning Lamps

Remarkable 1,000-Year-Old Ichma Mummy To Go On Display For The First Time

Chartres - Symbol Of Power Of The Secret Knowledge Of The Ancients

Vijayanagara - The City Of Devas - 'The Shining Ones' - Place Where Mythology And History Coexist

Vishaps - Flying Serpents And Dragon-Like Beings - Ancient Flying Machines Of Armenia?

Ancient Chinese Afterlife Beliefs: Artifacts From Ma Jia Yuan Tomb, Gansu Province Unveiled

An Olympic-Sized And Unique Roman Structure 'Basilica Therma' In Central Anatolia, Turkey

Mystery Of The Patagonian Giants: Europe's Lost Race
From The "Land Of The Bigfeet"

Vikings Brought Their Norse Women On Raiding Trips - New DNA Study Reveals

Prehistoric Stonemasons Were Instructed By Alien Gods

Ancient Hieroglyphics Found In The Highlands Of Peru?

Plants, Trees And Foods Brought To Earth By Alien Gods

Controversial 5,500-Year-Old Sumerian Star Map Of Ancient Nineveh Reveals Observation Of Köfels' Impact Event

Mythical Submerged City Of Ys - Europe's Own Sodom And Gomorrah

Hidden History Of Skull And Crossbones: The Untold Story Of The Templar Shining Ones

Can This Supercomputer Crack The Mystery Of Humans' Origins And The "Ghost Population" Of Europe?

Sophisticated Technology Reveals Large Medieval Palace Hidden Under Prehistoric Old Sarum's Fortress

Surprising Discovery Of World's Oldest Man-Made Engraving On The 500,000-Year-Old 'Pseudodon Shell'

Secrets Of The Stars: Tracing The Origins Of Ancient Cults And Cabals

Legend Of Jason And His Argonauts - Based On A Real Expedition
To An Ancient Kingdom

Megalithic Pagan Sanctuary Of Panoias In Portugal

Ancient Chinese Mastered High-Tech Pottery 3,000 Years Before Europeans

Golden Coins Discovered in Genghis Khan's City Of Karakorum, Mongolia

Occult Secrets Behind Pine Cone Art And Architecture

Sacred Asclepion Of Pergamum: Ancient Healing Center And The World's First Psychiatric Hospital

Mystery Of Amphipolis' Identity - Ancient Tomb Was Damaged And Plundered In Ancient Times'

Secrets Of Mysterious Celtic Princess
Of The Danube Revealed

Largest Prehistoric Monolith 'Stone Of The Pregnant Woman' Found In Baalbek, Ancient Heliopolis

First Shakespeare Edition - Most Important Book In English Literature - Found In French Library

Metallic Dragons: Ancient Flying Machines Of The Gods

Did Our Ancestors Know About Artificial Intelligence?

Masada - The Last Stand Against The Roman Empire

Curse Of The Unlucky Mummy - When Science And Fear Collide

Mystery Of The Bloody Island Poveglia - A Place Of Hell In Ancient And Modern Times

Le Catillon II Exhibition - World's Largest Celtic Collection Of 70,000 Silver Coins, Gold And Silver Jewellery

Ancient, Thousands Of Feet Deep Canyon Is Buried In South Tibet, Researchers Say

The Hidden History of China's Secret Societies

Rare 12th Century Sword May Have Belonged To Russia's Famous Tsar Ivan The Terrible

Scientist Finds Evidence Against Evolution And Gets Fired - Shameful Case For The Scientific Community

Unusual Discovery Of Ancient Egyptian Mummy Still Wearing Jewels

5,000 year Old Stonehenge Monument Revealed

Fall Of The 'Immortal City' Of Misis, Turkey - Excavations Shed Light On Its Past

Father Crespi's Mysterious
Library Of Golden Treasures

Ancient Angkorian Heads Unearthed At One Of Cambodia’s Most Enigmatic Temples

Two Ancient Intriguing Stone Artifacts With Hidden Truth That Must Be Told

Excavations Of The Glorious City Of Persepolis - A Great Ancient Gate Is The Recent Discovery


Recommended book:

The Pleiades Legacy (The Old World)
by Leonard Farra

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Vijayanagara - The City Of Devas - 'The Shining Ones' - Place Where Mythology And History Coexist

Hampi, originally called Vijayanagara, ("City of Victory", in Sanskrit) was once the flourishing and beautiful capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. Today, there are only ruins of stone temples, smaller shrines and other buildings. Vijayanagara is probably the most mysterious city in India, the lost land of a thousand gods, holy texts and marvellous temples... Read more:

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