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Lost Ancient Technology Of Egypt:
Obvious Evidence In The Artifacts

8 August, 2014

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By: Brien Foerster - - The artifact below is one of many that confuse many academics because it does not fit in with the culture that supposedly made it, as in the Dynastic Egyptians.

Found by Egyptologist Brian Walter Emery in 1936 at Saqqara, and referred to simply as a “schist disk” it has been described as a fruit plate, flower vase or even a candle holder.

Schist is a hard, yet brittle layered stone which is very difficult to work. Most engineers who see this object believe it to be part of an ancient machine, yet the Dynastic Egyptians did not have such mechanisms…or did they?

It is amazing that it is actually on display in the Cairo museum, but how many more of them are there, stored away in boxes and out of sight?

In the photo above, thanks to Stephen Mehler of the Khemit School we see two stone bowls (right and left) that would appear to have been turned on a lathe, and another curious schist artifact in the center.

The Dynastic Egyptians did have the potters wheel for shaping clay, but did they have lathes as well?

The artifact above is in the Petrie Museum in London. As the description states, it is a basalt stone cup, turned and with traces of a tube drill hole.

Basalt is a very hard stone, and could not have been shaped with the bronze tools of the Dynastic Egyptians, so is it in fact older, and made by a more technological culture?

And this vase or cup is even harder to explain. It is rock quartz crystal, clearly shaped on a lathe.

Quartz is 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, with diamond being 10. The tools used to shape had to have been harder than the quartz itself.

As we continue through the museum, a number drill cores appear, the one above being hard granite.

You can even see the grooves left by the tool which did the work. We of course have core tube drills in the 21st century, embedded with diamonds, but the Dynastic Egyptians did not have this level of technology. So who did this? And when?

What we clearly have to at least entertain is the idea that the conventional story of ancient Egypt has not been fully represented by most academics.

These artifacts had to have been produced by a culture that had lost ancient high technology.

They could not have been made by the later Greeks or Romans, so we must go back to pre-dynastic times to search for the answers.

Here you can watch more fascinating videos by Brien Foerster.

The above are but a small sample of the enigmatic evidence that I will cover in my forthcoming book. And you can come with us and see many examples of lost ancient high technology in Egypt from March 8 to 21, 2015:

Full tour details HERE

Written by Brien Foerster - Contributor

About the author:
Brien Foerster - is the author of 8 books, 4 appearances on Ancient Aliens, season 3, numerous radio interviews. He resides in Peru with his wife. Visit his blog - Hidden Inca Tours - Exploring Ancient Peru and Beyond where you can follow his fascinating research projects and take part in the most wonderful tours of the ancient world.
Also, don't forget to watch some of his fascinating videos.

Copyright © Brien Foerster -

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