Who Put The Monolith On Phobos?

3 March, 2012 - A satellite of the planet Mars, Phobos, discovered by A.Hall in 1877 still attracts great attention.

"We should visit the moon of Mars. There is a monolith there, a very unusual structure on this little potatoes-shaped object that goes around Mars," said former astronaut Buzz Aldrin in an interview with C-Span some years ago.

His words confirmed the existence of a mysterious structure on Phobos, one of Mars' two moons.

When Buzz Aldrin was asked who created the structure, he replied with a smile it was either the Universe or God.

Monolith on Phobos. Credit: NASA, University of Arizona

There are those who think that there is something very strange about this small Moon and among them is Richard Hoagland, a former NASA employee and famous space anomalies specialist who boldly presents his controversial theory.

There are many reasons why Phobos should be closely examined.

When astronomer Douglas Sharpless in 1945 studied the Martian moon, he noticed a secular acceleration of Phobos, meaning that instead of following Newton's Laws of Gravity, the moon appeared to be slightly ahead of where it should be in its orbit. This suggests the moon is accelerating and falling in toward Mars.

Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky, well-known Russian astrophysicist, and acclaimed member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences ascribed the orbit's decay to atmospheric friction and concluded that the moon could be hollow and artificial in nature.

Investigating Phobos has not been easy. Although Mariner 9 in 1971, Viking 1 in 1977, and Phobos 1988 managed to obtain some valuable information, many space probes have been lost.

A close of of the structure on Phobos

In 1988 Russian Phobos-1 passed by the target while Phobos-2 disappeared at 50 m from the moon's surface.

In 1999 Mars Climate Orbiter was lost near Phobos' orbit, and Mars Polar Lander vanished hardly touching the Martian atmosphere.

In 2003 Beagle-2 (UK) shared the destiny without any ?rm conclusion of the loss. Earlier this year Russian probe Phobos-Grunt crashed on Earth and all hope of investigating the little Martian moon vanished in the blink of an eye.

Is some alien force on Phobos or Mars preventing our probes to approach the moon and take images?

The image seems to resemble the black monolith that appears during key moments of man's evolution in the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Richard Hoagland is convinced the moon is hollow and artificial which means there could be extraterrestrial life there.

"This idea, that Phobos could be an "intelligently-created, giant spacecraft, a space station orbiting Mars" is not new; after Hall's initial discovery of "Phobos" (fear) and Deimos (terror) at the US Naval Observatory, in 1877, the earliest, scientific proposal of this idea -- that Phobos itself was "an actual 'space station' ... now slowly spiraling into Mars because it was actually a manufactured, hollow object and thereby, subject to even the slight atmospheric drag thousands of miles above Mars.

Shklovsky further suggested, based on the lack of any previously published telescopic detection of any moons around Mars (despite a telescopic technology more than adequate), prior to Hall's totally unexpected discovery in 1877, that Phobos and Deimos might have been launched "recently", thus explaining their "sudden" appearance in the Martian skies ... sometime between the 1875 and 1877 Mars "oppositions," says Hoagland.

Richard Hoalgland discusses the monolith on Phobos

Scientists at the University of Arizona, who captured the original image, think it is just an unremarkable boulder, which could measure up to five metres across.

Others think the monolith is an artificial structure created by an extraterrestrial civilization.

Is it possible that there used to be an ancient civilization on Mars? Was the monolith created by a now lost civilization, or is it a more recent structure? There are many speculations and few answers. So, the questions remains - Who put the monolith on Phobos?

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