More Proof Of A Holographic Universe – Unexpectedly Similar And Unknown Laws Govern The Universe And The Human Brain

Last Updated on – Using a supercomputer and other calculations, researchers have discovered that there are striking similarities between the unknown laws that govern the Universe and human brain.

Could this be more proof of the existence of a holographic Universe?

The scientists who conducted the study are not saying we are living in a holographic world, but according to the study, the results are not a coincidence.

By performing complex supercomputer simulations of the universe and using a variety of other calculations, researchers have now proven that the causal network representing the large-scale structure of space and time in our accelerating universe is a graph that shows remarkable similarity to many complex networks such as the Internet, social, or even biological networks

“By no means do we claim that the universe is a global brain or a computer,” said study co-author Dmitri Krioukov at the University of California-San Diego.

Holographic Universe
Do we live in a holographic Universe?

“But the discovered equivalence between the growth of the universe and complex networks strongly suggests that unexpectedly similar laws govern the dynamics of these very different complex systems.”

Krioukov pointed out that it is unlikely that this pattern is a coincidence.

“Of course it could be, but the probability of such a coincidence is extremely low,” he said.

“Coincidences in physics are extremely rare, and almost never happen.”

“There is always an explanation, which may be not immediately obvious.”

“Who would have guessed that the emergence of our universe’s four-dimensional spacetime from the quantum vacuum would have anything to do with the growth of the Internet?

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Causality is at the heart of both, so perhaps the similarity Krioukov and his collaborators found is to be expected.

“Such an explanation could one day lead to a discovery of common fundamental laws whose two different consequences or limiting regimes are the laws of gravity (Einstein’s equations in general relativity) describing the dynamics of the universe, and some yet-unknown equations describing the dynamics of complex networks,” said study co-author Marián Boguñá at Spain’s Universitat de Barcelona.

The idea that our Universe is a hologram has been discussed on several occasions before. Some scientists have suggested that our creator could be a computer programmer and not long ago researchers announced they will try and determine whether our Universe is in fact a giant hologram.

If all this is true, it would mean that what we call reality is nothing more than a hologram and we are all all just computer generated individuals…

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