Mystery Of Sid Hurwich And His Time-Altering Machine That Could ‘Freeze’ Time

Cynthia McKanzie – – The ability to change the past and get an insight into the future has often resulted in the creation of the most remarkable time-altering machines.

A very strange case involving time travel and power to change timelines was reported in 1977s. The case caused a sensation worldwide. Had Sid Hurwich the creator of the time-altering machine really found a way to alter historical events?

Sid Hurwich

Who was Sid Hurwich?

Born in 1918, Sid Hurwich was a Jewish appliance repairman living in Toronto Canada who used to experiment with various kinds of technology. As a child, Sid showed great interest in collecting random junk and assembling the pieces into working machines. Later as an adult, he became famous as the man who could fix anything that was broken.

In 1934, Sid earned the distinction of being the first private appliance repairman in all of Canada. He was such a skilled technician that the local power company succeeded in taking him out of the army so he could develop the infrastructure of the public electrical utility.

Sid Hurwich earned enough money to set up two successful companies of his own. He was still young when he got a heart attack, only 36 and he retired.

The remarkable time-altering machine that could “freeze time”

Hurwich continued to experiment with various tech-devices until one day he finally invented a remarkable device that could freeze or rather change the flow of time. This machine also had the ability to send out beams of influence to manipulate objects in distant locations.

In 1969, a wave of bank robberies swept through Toronto and local authorities had troubles catching the thieves. Hurwich contacted the police and offered his help saying it was possible to “freeze time” to find out what transpired.

The article in the Vancouver Sun Times gives this account:

‘All I recall,’ said Bolton (one of the police officers in charge), ‘is that it was under the table – the device, whatever it was – and there was a bedspread over the table. He froze my service revolver. You couldn’t pull the trigger, you couldn’t lift it up off the table and even on the table you couldn’t pull the trigger.’

Sid responded by saying:

“…. Now take a look at your watches.” I remember one of them said, “When did this happen?” and I said, “The minute you walked through that door. You walked in there about 25 minutes ago. Now look at your watches. You’re late about 25 minutes.”’ As the security officers filed out of his home, Sid’s wife overheard one of them suggest that the army should be told about the device. ‘That was the first time it entered my mind for war or army purposes or anything like that.’

As it so often happens with new brilliant inventions, the time-altering machine was later used by the military, or so it was reported.

According to an article that appeared 1977, in a British publication called Foreign Report, Sid Hurwich’s time-altering machine ended up in Israel where it was used by the military.

“The device sends out electronic rays to alter the natural composition of electronic fields and centres of gravity of weapons, instrument dials and mechanical devices … (using) the Hurwich principle there was no reason why the new beams could not reach and disable tanks, ground-to-ground missiles and complete radar systems. The beams could also be tacked together to form a screen that would make whole zones safe from bombs and missiles,” Foreign Report stated.

What happened to Sid Hurwich and his time-altering machine?

Whether the time machine is still in possession of the Israeli military or not has been widely debated. Does the Israeli military still have the Hurwich device, and are they still using it on ‘special occasions’ or in dire situations of military crisis?

See also:

“Skeptics say that if they really had a device that could provide a kind of shield from bombs and missiles, freeze weapons, and even slow or halt time, the Israeli military would be invincible and would not have suffered as many casualties as it has in its decades-long struggles with its antagonists in the Mideast. Others counter, however, by saying that the Hurwich device may be a two-edged sword.

If it can ‘freeze’ the weapons of the enemy, it would also freeze the weapons of those employing the device. Thus, the device can perhaps only be used in a limited way – enough to knock out radar detection and other enemy electronics, for example – but not to induce the full-blown time-freeze effect for the benefit of the user,” Bullivant Richard writes in his book True Time Travel Stories.

Although many people have written and speculated about the time-altering device of Sid Hurwich over the years, there has never been a follow-up story since it appeared in the Vancouver paper back in 1977. What happened to Sid Hurwich is also unclear. By now he has passed on, but it is interesting to note that researchers have not been able to find his obituary or any information about him. It is as if he vanished into thin air.

Altering time
Many scientists have experimented with time-altering technology.

When he talked to the police he said: “It’s not really a new invention. It’s designed on principles that are already well known. I just thought of it one day. When I heard about the bank robberies, I knew this could work.”

The time-altering machine created by Sid Hurwich could be one of the world’s greatest inventions, but its whereabouts are shrouded in mystery, perhaps deliberately.

Written by Cynthia McKanzie – Staff Writer

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