Unexplained Sounds And Shaking Of The Ground In Wisconsin

20 March, 2012 - Something strange is happening in Clintonville, Wisconsin.

According to witnesses, everything started late Sunday night and continued for much of the evening. Large booms, similar to thunder were heard and then people could feel how the ground was shaking.

Some people say the sounds resemble rattling pipes, clanging metal, thunder or firecrackers.

Accompanying the sounds are vibrations that have shaken homes and household objects, but these do not appear to have caused any significant damage or injuries, says city manager Lisa Kuss.

City officials say it was mostly quiet Monday after a series of rumbles the night before until they started again around 8 p.m. They say they continued throughout night until about 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Interestingly the strange sounds are only heard in one part of the small town of 4,600, located about 180 miles northeast of Madison.

For the time being, no-one knows what is causing the sounds. U.S. Geological Survey records show no seismic activity anywhere in Wisconsin Sunday or Monday.

Workers peered into manhole covers and utility crews tested for leaking natural gas and other problems, but no one has yet to find anything amiss.

It should be added that similar mysterious booming sounds have been reported on many other places as well.

Recent media accounts include reports from North Carolina, Idaho, Tennessee and others.

U.S. Geological Survey scientist David Hill even published a paper in 2011 called, "What is That Mysterious Booming Sound?"

The sounds reported in Wisconsin remain unexeplained for the moment.

In it, he said such sounds are so commonplace in upstate New York, they earned the nickname "Seneca guns." They're also well enough known to be named by residents of Belgium, the countries around the Bay of Bengal, Italy and Japan, among other places, he wrote.

While the specific source of such sounds is rarely found, natural explanations abound, Hill said.

One possible explanation is gas explosively escaping from underground rock formations. Another is a rock burst, which can happen when mining or quarrying uncovers long-buried rock, suddenly relieving stress and resulting in "locally loud, explosive reports."

Others include meteorites, a phenomenon known as "booming sands" or even distant thunder, sounds that Hill wrote can be carried for significant distances under proper atmospheric conditions.

In our article dealing with unusual sounds reported world-wide, Dr. Khalihov explained there can be a number of reasons why we hear the sounds. For example, such waves can be triggered by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, and tsunamis. However, since these sounds are often heard in places where no seismic activity has been registered, scientists must keep looking for another explanation as to what is causing these mysterious booms. via CNN

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