Pink Snow Surprises Residents In Karaghanda

Last Updated on – Summer is not yet over, but this does not prevent strange snow for showing up in some parts of the world.

Residents in Karaghanda, Kazakhstan witnessed extraordinary snowfall on August 13. Snow falling from the sky was pink!

Pink snow surprised residents in Karaghanda, Kazakhstan,

Pink snow surprised residents in Karaghanda, Kazakhstan.

Meteorologists predicted rainfall on that day, but snow fell instead. According to weather experts this is a normal and natural phenomenon that cannot always be predicted, just like a tornado or storm.

Extreme weather conditions have surprised us before. We have seen on a couple of occasions how lakes and seas have suddenly turned red.

In August, 2012 a lake in Southern France unexpectedly changed color and shortly before that the strange appearance of Azov Sea stunned residents who saw how the water had turned red.

In September, 2012 the Yangtze river in China turned red.

One month before this curious incident a lake in France suddenly turned red too. The red rocks in China have also puzzled scientists for a long time. Sudden red rain shower caused panic in Kannur too.

Pink snow. Credit:

Pink snow. Credit:

It has also happened that desert sand, carried by the wind, fell thousands of miles away in the desert.

Nature can surprise us and shock us.