Secret War In Space - Rare Video Footage

28 February, 2012 - Is there a secret war in space? There are respectable scientists who believe something is wrong with the objects filmed by NASA. What is the sudden streak of light that miss the object in space?

"If you're a skeptic it is easy to brush off. But if you are open-minded and you see this, then there is something weird about it", says Dr. Mark Carlotto.

Dr. Mark Carlotto has 20 years of experience conducting visual image processing for scientific research.

This is what he and others had to say when viewing some of the footage taken by astronauts in space.

"I studied it extensively over maybe a two year period at least. "says Jack Kasher, Ph.D , Professor of Physics at University of Nebraska at Omaha who worked for nearly ten years in the research development in the Star Wars defence system for the upper atmosphere.

His analysis concluded that the UFO filmed by NASA cannot be explained as a natural phenomenon.

"These are not videos taken by someone in their backyard.

These are taken aboard U.S. spacecraft. so the integrity of the data cannot be questioned.

NASA's explanation is that what we are looking at here are ice particles around the shuttle, but if you look at it more carefully it doesn't make any sense.

If there was a thruster firing, when a thrusters firing occurs the orientation of the spacecraft should change, very slightly, but we don't see any change in the apparent motion of the stars.

This indicates the attitude of the shuttle has not changed from the thruster firing," says Dr. Mark Carlotto.

This is the controversial unidentified object filmed by astronauts aboard space shuttle Discovery. Credit: NASA

A bright light suddenly appears and misses the object in space. Credit: NASA

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