Skirnir’s Mission To Jotunheim To Gain Gerda For Lovesick God Frey

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A. Sutherland  – – In Norse mythology, Skírnir, whose name means “bright one” (in Old Norse), was a trusted servant and friend of Frey, a shining god, bringing fertility, prosperity and a good harvest. Skirnir was also his messenger and vassal.

Skirnir's Mission To Jotunheim To Gain Gerda For Lovesick God Frey

Skyrnir and Gerda – Illustration by Harry George Theaker for Children’s Stories from the Northern Legends by M. Dorothy Belgrave and Hilda Hart, 1920. Public Domain

In one myth, Skirnir performed favors for Odin, father of the gods. After the nasty wolf Fenrir evaded capture, Odin sent Skirnir out to Svartalfheim, the land of the mountain dwarfs, who were known for their remarkable skills in mining and smithing. However, also Skirnir was a talented craftsman. Together, they forged a magical rope, as smooth as a silken ribbon, for the purpose of binding the wolf.

Another story tells that one day, Njord, Frey’s father noticed the decline in his son Frey’s health and mood. He went to Skirnir, Frey’s childhood friend and loyal servant, to ask him to do something to bring his son out of his troubles he apparently had.

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