Remarkable Cylindrical UFO Flies Straight Into Volcano Popocatépetl

29 October, 2012

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Follow us: - Popocatépetl, whose name is the Aztec word for Smoking Mountain, is an active volcano located in Mexico.

Strange unknown flying objects have been observed here on several occasions.

Now there has been a new sighting. This peculiar brightly illuminated, cigar-shaped object that was filmed by the Mexican media company Televisa is resembles the strange unknown flying craft that was sighted just a few days ago over Kentucky.

The object visible in Mexico was filmed on Friday, October 26.

Scientists are unable to determine the nature of the UFO that appears to have entered the crater of Popocatepetl volcano.

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The object with a diameter of approximately 200 meters was seen to fly with a great speed into the active volcano. The object was probably cylindrical, but due to the high speed flight, it is difficult to say it with certainty.

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For the moment, scientists still don't have any satisfactory explanation of the incident. Among many theories and speculations there was one suggestion that a meteorite fell into the crater.

We don't know what's under our feet, our underground realms are inaccessible and volcanoes are also places full of secrets. Something unknown was observed over the volcano. The nature and origin of the object remains a mystery for now.

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