Secrets Of Water That Has A Memory Far Longer Than Our Transient Lifetimes

17 June, 2013

First version of this article was originally published on 6 April, 2012 - The true nature of water, which is the source of life - is unknown. We still know very little about the fascinating properties of water and its secrets.

Water hides a lot of power that we are able to release and shape with the help of the energy of our strong emotions, both positive and negative.

Masaru Emoto, a doctor of alternative medicine and first of all, a scientist with an open mind, has carried out worldwide water research and how it affects us, humans and our environment.

Emoto, who wrote several volumes of a work titled "Messages from Water", is famous for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

Thoughts and words have unique magnetic code, which can interact with water; according to Dr Emoto.

His experiments with water showed that the water reacts for our words and depending on what we say and what emotions accompany our words, it creates either beautiful and harmonious shapes or ugly and irregular ones. We learn from Dr. Emoto that water has a memory – a memory far longer than our transient lifetimes.

The behavior of this memory can be compared to our modern CD storing digital data or magnetic tape.

Today, many scholars admit that water is an amazing substance capable of efficient gathering of information from all things as soon as it comes in contact with them!

The theoretical physicist Emilio del Giudice at the University of Milano, Italy, could explain together with cooperators that water has the ability to store information over long periods of time.

Also Vitold M. Bakhir, Russian inventor and a mining engineer conducted many water memory experiments confirming the earlier results.

Jacques Benveniste (1935 - 2004), a French immunologist discovered that water holds a "memory", and is able to digitally record and then digitally re-write other water, even when the substance has been removed from it.

Benveniste's experiments were followed by many other scientists worldwide.

One of the Russian scientists, Alexander Stiepanow put a dish with distilled water on the forehead of lying man. It was made to save microenergetic information extracted from the man. Then, Stiepanov began to study a graphic record (chart) of water used in his experiment with a special device.

He compared it with another chart obtained in the case of ordinary water, not exposed to biomagnetic field of human being.
These two charts were UNLIKE!
Now it was time for another experiment. Alexander Stiepanov put a glass of distilled water on exactly the same place but on photography of the man's forehead.

Then, the scientist compared the graphic record obtained in the second experiment with the first one.
Two graphic records were IDENTICAL!

Jacques Benveniste (1935 - 2004), a French immunologist discovered that water holds a "memory", and is able to digitally record and then digitally re-write other water, even when the substance has been removed from it.

The graph for water exposed to contact with the man's forehead gave the same reading as the graph exposed only to the man's forehead on photography.

The scienstist repeated the experiment several times. The result was always the same.

The essence of the memory of water can be compared to the alphabetic puzzle - same letters can be arranged into different words with different meanings, which have ifferent information. Such letters are in the case of water - its molecules.

It's like a "code" containing a whole range of relevant information and suitable properties but depending on many different factors. Similarly, as in the case of the genetic code of living organisms.

Water is one of the carriers of such information. This information can be transmitted further via internet, phone lines. It's hard to imagine what more can be made with this kind of information.
The possible applications are innumerable.

Research into water is just beginning! New research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports Dr. Jacques Benveniste’s 1988 assertion that water has an imprint of energies to which it has been exposed.

Think about it! You drink water with a memory! Try to drink as clean water as possible.

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