Weird Green Space Anomaly In The Libra Constellation

2 April, 2012 - Space, the great unknown. One of the best things with studying the Universe is that we constantly encounter a number of unexplained objects and forces that are totally alien to us.

As some readers recall, we have previously seen a huge artificial object hiding in the Taurus constellation as well as some really odd objects in the the North America Nebula.

This time, we have come across a really weird, green space anomaly in the Libra constellation.

Libra constellation is located on the ecliptic between Virgo and Scorpius. It is a relatively small constellation and its brightest star is Zubeneschamali, at magnitude 2.61. It is a blue star located 160 light-years away. The name Zubeneschamali means "northern claw" and is a remnant from when Libra was part of Scorpius the Scorpion

The following very large green space anomaly is visible on Google Earth.

A close-up of the object

This object is huge!

As you have just seen, the space anomaly is a green, fork resembling object. What is it? Is it gas, cosmic dust or something entirely unknown to us?

Whatever it is, it's huge!

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