Ancient Flying Canoes And Magic In The Pacific – Arrival Of Strange People – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd – – Sometimes clues to our ancient mysteries can be found between the lines, but we overlook them because we don’t make proper associations. This is especially true when myths and legends are investigated.

Natives maintain their myths and legends are based on true historical accounts, but we often dismiss this claim because we cannot comprehend how certain events could have happened. Yet, we have seen frequently that science has successfully proven several myths and legends were true.

After all, myths are a matter of interpretation often influenced by personal opinions and beliefs based on previously acquired knowledge.

Ancient Flying Canoes And Magic In The Pacific - Arrival Of Strange People - Part 1

In this article, we investigate curious ancient accounts of flying canoes and magic performed by strange, unknown people whose skin often became dark. These mysterious beings are said to have visited our ancestors in the Pacific, but who were these strangers and where did they come from?

Ancient accounts told by several tribes in the Pacific inform these foreigners were no ordinary people and their sudden arrival cannot be understood or explained in simple terms. Could the magic they performed have been some kind of advanced ancient technology? Can we perhaps locate the home of these ancient strangers?

Is it possible to find evidence of ancient knowledge of the Egyptian winged sun disk in the Pacific? The winged sun disk is one of the oldest and most important solar and religious symbols.

As mentioned in our article, “the winged sun disk was seen in many variations, among the Sumerians, the Assyrians, and the Hittites just to name a few.

The winged sun is a sign of omnipresence; it is associated with divinity, royalty and supreme power in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Persia. It is interpreted as a solar globe usually carried on the hawk wings of god Horus, surmounted by the spreading horns of the ram god Amun.”

Since so many ancient civilizations were familiar with the winged sun disk it’s fair to ask if ancient people in the Pacific also possessed some information about this interesting ancient symbol.

These are some of the many questions we discuss in this article. Now it’s time to go on a long journey and listen to the wise words of our ancestors in the Pacific.

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