Bizarre Incident Of Restaurant That Disappeared Into Thin Air

Ellen Lloyd – – There are many accounts of unexplained and unexpected sightings of humans, buildings, and events reported by people who journeyed through time by unknown means.

Such time slips are often very confusing to the observer who sees something that doesn’t belong in our reality. Nevertheless, studies of time slips can eventually give us a better understanding of the universe and our place in it.

How can ‘something’ from a different time and place be right there before you, only to be gone without a trace later? People who experience time slips say everything they saw seemed as real as the physical world we live in right now. Did these people enter another dimension through an invisible barrier?

Bizarre Incident Of Restaurant That Disappeared Into Thin Air

Can invisible gateways on our planet lead to parallel worlds? Credit: Adobe Stock – 1STunningART

Many scientists are convinced there can be countless invisible worlds co-existing next to our own. The parallel universe theory is still just a theory, but our knowledge of space-time is still limited.

Many people who have experienced time slips are often reluctant to come forward and share their stories for fear of being ridiculed or labeled crazy.

It is worth remembering that contrary to what some think such time slips have not only been reported in modern times. Accounts of perplexing time slips have been recorded throughout history, and there are many stories in the Quran, Bible and other ancient texts that tell of these stories, not to mention several old myths and legends.

This curious event took place in March 1959 in Wyoming, USA. The story is about three friends who together experienced something truly remarkable.

Bob Wetzel (pseudonym) who was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado was traveling together with John and Dee Greeley (also pseudonyms) to visit Bob’s wife Sharon who lived in Worland. The three men left the outskirts of the city of Cheyenne, when suddenly a snowstorm with a thick fog appeared making their short trip almost impossible to continue. The road was covered with ice and they drove very slowly.

Under normal conditions, the trip from Cheyenne to Chugwater should only take 30 minutes, but the weather was so bad the journey lasted 90 minutes. The storm increased but they continued their journey.

Suddenly, something strange happened. Something completely unexpected. Hidden by the side of the road, in the blowing snow, the three men noticed a restaurant.

They stopped the car in the parking lot and entered the restaurant.

“We were so glad to find a place to come in out of the storm and have dinner,” Bob Wetzel began his unbelievable story.

“We pulled off to the left side of the road and walked across the street; then we ran up some steps leading into the building. I believe we went through some swinging doors there in the front, and I remember we were the only three having dinner at the time. The help was there – the cook, dishwasher, and others, but we were the only customers.”

Bizarre Incident Of Restaurant That Disappeared Into Thin Air

The restaurant seemed real, but later the three men learned something there was very wrong. Credit: Adobe Stock – Alexey Lesik

The restaurant was clean, and the staff consisted of two young women dressed in long white dresses with black and white aprons. Being hungry and exhausted, the three men ordered steaks, chicken, and beer. The meal was delicious, and everything seemed normal. There was no reason to suspect this was an unusual restaurant. When it was time to pay for the meal, the three men were very surprised to see the tab on their bill.

Bills recalled: “It came to only nine dollars for the three of us! I was so pleased that I left five one-dollar bills as a tip, and you should have seen how surprised the waitresses were!

They thanked me, walked us to the door, and told us to be careful since it was still snowing.”

The three friends continued their journey to Sharon. Weather conditions were much better now and they made it to Worland with no difficulties.

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“When we got there, we told my wife, Sharon, and her parents about the nice restaurant we’d found, and so we decided to stop there again on our way back to Denver. When Sharon made the return trip with us, the weather was clear, and we had no trouble getting to Chugwater. This was before the highways were fixed, and you had to drive right through the middle of the town. I remembered that as we had come down the hill, from Denver heading north, the restaurant had been the third or fourth business on the left-hand side of the street.”

Once Bob and his wife reached the spot where the restaurant was supposed to be located, there was a problem. The restaurant wasn’t there any longer.

Bob decided to find out why he couldn’t see the building anywhere, and headed over to a local hamburger stand, to get some information. He spoke to an elderly local man whose name was Charlie and told about the unbelievable experience.

The man was very surprised: “Are you sure this was where you were?” I said, “I’m positive. That’s right where I parked.” “When was this?” Charlie asked, with a funny look on his face.

“Eight to 10 days ago,” I told him. And then he dropped the bombshell. “Son, the place that you describe burned down years and years ago, and this has been a vacant lot since then.” “There’s no way!” I said. “We were just in there!” I began to describe both of the waitresses who had served us.

“Son,” the man said again, “that place burned down, and the two people you describe perished in the fire. But that was years and years ago.”

Bob has often thought about the mysterious restaurant that vanished into thin air. Like most people who experience time slips, Bob felt everything seemed real, and nothing was ghost-like at all. The food was real and the people he met were no phantoms.

It’s a bizarre incident that shows it may occasionally be possible to interact with people from different timelines.

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