Former RAF Engineer Admits MI5 ‘Paid People To Fake Crop Circles’ To Discredit UFO Research – A Former RAF engineer has sensationally claimed MI5 paid hoaxers to create fake crop circles to discredit genuine UFO sightings as part of a “Men in Black” cover up agenda.

David Clayton, who is an expert on crop circles and animal mutilations, both allegedly carried out by visiting aliens, told the UFO Truth Magazine international annual conference of a sinister plot by spooks to ensure the truth never gets out.

Mr Cayton told of seeing crop circles in the 1980s that could not have been made by hoaxers, and therefore must have been alien in origin, because the plants within the circle had not been flattened by physical force, but by heat.

There are many UFO believers who claim some crop circles are what is left after a flying saucer lands in a field.

UFOs and crop circles
Some crop circles are made by UFOs, but most by people working for MI5, says David Clayton

Mr Clayton admitted that most crop circles that had been highlighted since the 1990s were fakes, but real ones had been found.

He claimed British intelligence agencies were behind the bulk of fake crop circles to make genuine research seem ridiculous.

He said: “MI5 were paying people to muddy the waters.”

Gary Hestletine, a fellow Ufologist, who organised the event in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, said there had been a “deliberate policy” by the authorities to downplay or debunk any unexplainable activity.

He also criticized mainstream media for making light of the subject and said the community of believers is “tired of being ridiculed” for their legitimate beliefs.

He said: “The press are not doing you a fair turn. It’s time to lift the blinkers a bit and look at the very best evidence.

“If you do that you will have overwhelming evidence that ET is here and has been for many years.” has contacted MI5 through the Home Office to put Mr Clayton’s claims to it and awaits a response. via Express UK