Inanna – Prominent And Highly Honored Mesopotamian Goddess

Angela Sutherland  – – Mentioned frequently in academic literature, the goddess of the ancient Sumerian city of Uruk is known as Inanna.

During the early period of the Akkadian reign in Mesopotamia (c.2334-2154 BC), Inanna was associated with Ishtar. In the 2nd millennium BC, her cult spread widely among the Hurrians, Mitanni, and Phoenicians (Phoenician Astarte). Finally, in Greek mythology, the same goddess is Aphrodite.

Inanna - Prominent And Highly Honored Mesopotamian Goddess

Goddess Inanna – Credit: Adobe Stock – roomyana

In this article, we use her name Inanna as she was known among the Mesopotamia people. Inanna was initially being worshiped as a vegetation deity and later as the goddess of love, sex, erotic attraction, and patronized marital sexuality. She also symbolized fertility, war, weather, and crops, but she also had many other aspects. She was highly honored, especially in the Eanna temple complex (meaning the “House of Heaven”) in the city of Uruk.

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