Over 1,000 Extraterrestrial Space Stations Could Be Watching Us Right Now – Scientists Say

Cynthia McKanzie – MessageToEagle.com – Many of us watch the night skies and wonder if anyone is out there. Are extraterrestrials on distant planets curious about us, humans? Could they be looking for traces of other alien civilizations in the same way we look for evidence of their existence?

Scientists say there can be over 1,000 extraterrestrial space stations watching us right now, without our knowledge of course.

Over 1,000 Extraterrestrial Space Stations Could Be Watching Us Right Now - Scientists Say

Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations could be monitoring our planer right now. Credit: diversepixel – Adobe Stock

How is it possible and how did researchers come up with these numbers?

In a paper,  “Which Stars Can See Earth as a Transiting Exoplanet?” published by in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society scientists discuss which stars can see Earth as a transiting exoplanet.

According to Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor of astronomy in the College of Arts and Sciences and director of Cornell’s Carl Sagan Institute; and Joshua Pepper, associate professor of physics at Lehigh University, scientists have identified 1,004 main-sequence stars (similar to our sun) that might contain Earth-like planets in their own habitable zones – all within about 300 light-years of Earth – and which should be able to detect Earth’s chemical traces of life.

“If observers were out there searching [from planets orbiting these stars], they would be able to see signs of a biosphere in the atmosphere of our Pale Blue Dot. And we can even see some of the brightest of these stars in our night sky without binoculars or telescopes,” Kaltenegger said in a statement.

As Mike Wall over at Space.com explains, “astronomers have found most of the more than 4,000 exoplanets discovered to date with the “transit method,” which detects the tiny brightness dips caused when an orbiting world crosses its host star’s face from the observer’s perspective. Soon, researchers will also be able to scan the atmospheres of some nearby transiting planets for potential signs of life.”

Currently, we really have no clue who is out there, but it’s never wrong to speculate, and we may soon have better numbers to consider.

Over 1,000 Extraterrestrial Space Stations Could Be Watching Us Right Now - Scientists Say

Artist’s impression of an exoplanet transiting a red dwarf star. Credit: L. Calçada/ESO

As Space.com reports, “the new results deal only with stars. Scientists don’t know how many planets orbit the 1,004 suns flagged by Kaltenegger and Pepper, let alone how many of these systems host worlds that may be conducive to life as we know it.”

In order to detect if planets are harboring life, however, scientists must first determine what features indicate that life is (or once was) present.

Over the last decade, astronomers have expended great effort trying to find what traces of simple forms of life—known as “biosignatures”—might exist elsewhere in the universe. But what if an alien planet hosted intelligent life that built a technological civilization?

Could there be “technosignatures” that a civilization on another world would create? Could such these type of signature  be seen from Earth? And, could these technosignatures be even easier to detect than biosignatures?

Extraterrestrial watchers may indeed be out there, but it’s possible they do not wish to have any contact with humans. There are many problems on our planet, and it’s understandable if advanced alien species avoid us.

According to scientists, extraterrestrials are deliberately waiting for the right moment before they reveal themselves to Earthlings.

Written by Cynthia McKanzie – MessageToEagle.com Staff Writer