Supernatural Forces In The Buzau Mountains

Ellen Lloyd – – There are places on this planet that even today remain greatly unexplored and shrouded in a veil of mystery.

Hidden in the mountains, now, long forgotten and ignored, we find amazing ancient cave churches, undeciphered ancient writings, depictions of unknown mysterious beings, and subterranean tunnels that all refuse to give up their secrets.

Buzau Mountains

Mysterious ruins, stories of an unknown ancient race, and the presence of supernatural forces in the area are all aspects that woven together constitute an ancient mystery story few people can resist.
Today, this region has the nickname of “Athos” of Romania, or Giants’ Land. Our journey takes us to the Buzau Moutains in Romania which are just as beautiful as mysterious.

Those who dare to walk on the mountain roads have the opportunity to visit the most important cave complex in Buzau Mountains.

The caves can be found on the territory called Luana’s Land (Tara Luanei), situated near Alunis, Nucu and Colti villages.

Buzau Mountains

Caves, cells and churches carved in stone during the first centuries of Christianity, were used as places of refuge and worship.
One of the cells belonged to the monk Dionisie, who, the legend says, made the road to his dwelling as complicated as possible, because he liked to be alone.

Buzau Mountains

Many rocks and cave walls in Luana contain an old writing that has not yet been deciphered. On the walls are also several enigmatic inscriptions. Some of them resemble stars and crosses, but the true meaning of them is unknown.

Buzau Mountains

According to some sources, probably 300 years AD, the first Christian missionaries on Romanian territory arriving from the Middle East lived here. Up to the 19 century, hermits and monks used this caves as places to live and to pray, far away from every day life. It is said that famous Romanian war lords or princesses came here to confess and to wash away their sins.

Hundreds of legends and paranormal appearances have been reported in this region.

Buzau Mountains

At one time the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu sent a special agent of his secret service to investigate the so-called enigma of Buzau Mountains., but nothing is known about the results. The isolation of this area produced a plenty of orally transmitted legends, mystical and esoteric stories of magnetic anomaly and paranormal appearances.
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More Ancient Mysteries

Many locals tell that ever since childhood they had seen several appearances of a monk wandering around the mountains and caves. More than 15 cave settlements are spread over a surface of more than 3 square kilometers.

Some caves are old geological forms, others are carved or graved into the stone. There is also an ancient entrance to a tunnel. Where it leads is unknown.

Buzau Mountains

Some artifacts have been discovered in the region and there are also carvings of unknown beings.

According to an ancient legend, the “Luana Kingdom” was protected by powerful beings that guarded the gates of the city. They built huge walls that were shining brightly day and night.

Buzau Mountains

All inhabitants of the city had access to miraculous water that could heal any wound or illness.
This marvelous city lasted for many years, until a war broke out between the Luana people and their powerful enemies.

When that happened there was great fire in the skies. The Sun exploded and devastated not only the Luana Kingdom, but also the surrounding vegetation. This was the end of the once powerful and magnificent Luana Kingdom.

Buzau Mountains


This area is still largely neglected by archeologists and little known by tourists. What more ancient secrets are hidden in this forgotten part of the world?

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