What Rights Did Viking Women Have?

Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com – Unlike many females in some other ancient cultures Viking women were powerful, dominant, and had a prominent role in society.

This is a Viking legacy that is still notable in Scandinavia where women expect to be treated as equals. Based on numerous archaeological discoveries, scientists have acknowledged Viking women were much more prominent than previously thought.

What Rights Did Viking Women Have?

A Viking woman was strong and independent. Credit: Adobe Stock – Nejron Photo 

Viking Women Participated In Wars

Archaeologists have discovered many graves that contain remains of female Viking warriors.

“It was long assumed that the ancient tomb in the Viking town of Birka belonged to a man of great military importance. Later, comprehensive DNA studies revealed the Birka warrior was, in fact, a woman.

The Birka tomb is not the only example that clearly shows women often participated in battles during the Viking Age. There are many similar tombs in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark that offer physical evidence of female Viking warriors.” 1

Crossing the path of shieldmaiden Freydis Eiriksdottir, the hot-tempered daughter of Erik the Red, could lead to death easily.

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