Äskekärrskeppet (‘Äskekärr Ship’) – Only Viking Ship Found With Runes

Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com – The Äskekärrskeppet, also known as the “Äskekärr Ship,” is unique in many ways. It is currently displayed at the Gothenburg Museum in Sweden and stands out as the only Viking ship discovered with runes inscribed on it.

The ship was discovered in 1933 by John Antonsson, a farmer who stumbled upon it while draining a wet meadow on his property in Äskekärr village, now part of Ale Municipality, located along the River Göta in Sweden.

Äskekärrskeppet (‘Äskekärr Ship’) – Only Viking Ship Found With Runes

Äskekärrskeppet on display at the Gothenburg Museum. Credit: Public Domain

Initially unaware of his discovery’s significance, Antonsson reported what seemed to be remnants of a ship to the Museum of Gothenburg. Upon hearing about this intriguing find, experts initiated an archaeological excavation mission. Under Philibert Humbla’s supervision, what would later be recognized as Sweden’s first Viking ship discovery was meticulously excavated and preserved for future generations to study and admire. The Äskekärrskeppet holds a special place in historyarchaeology, and mythology. This extraordinary ship has given us a unique perspective into the Viking era, corroborating many accounts from Icelandic Sagas as factual events.

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