Visit The Most Extreme Soundless Place On Earth – It is one of the world’s most extreme specialized laboratories.

Most of us do not know what silence really is, but Orfield Laboratories Inc., Minnesota, USA has built a very special place where real silence dominates.

Inside, you can lose all sense of space and surroundings.

The quietest place on our planet is a small room floating in a pit on J-Beams places on top of strings.

It is surrounded by a five-sided chamber of exactly the same construction, on the edge of the pit. Inside the quietest room in the world, there are hundreds of sound absorbing plates which suck every possible noise up, blocking it from coming inside the soundless area.

Orfield Laboratories
Anechoic Chamber Credit: Orfield Laboratories Inc.

The only sounds you can hear in this room, are those created by own body.

Orfield Lab
Credit: Orfield Laboratories Inc.

For example, you can hear your heart beat and your blood pulse.

Some years ago, a group of engineers measured the room’s true capabilities.

It resulted in negative value of the background noise estimating to be 9.4 dBA (with A weighing). Sound pressure in the room is lower than the minimum our ear is able to hear.

By comparison: the low threshold for our ear is estimated to be 0 dB.

The Orfield Laboratories Inc., room is used to test acoustic qualities of materials and machines…

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