Mysterious Teleportation Case Of Major Tudor Pole Remains Unexplained

Cynthia McKanzie – – Currently human teleportation remains in the realm of science fiction, but some scientists think it may actually be possible to instantly move from one place to another in the near future.

Many decades ago, Charles Fort, the scientist who coined the word himself, displayed displayed some of his outstanding collection of recorded phenomena, which he indicated, might have something to do with teleportation. There are many stories of people who have experienced teleportation. How is it possible if we lack proper technology?

Mysterious Teleportation Case Of Major Tudor Pole Remains Unexplained

One of the strangest teleportation stories deals with Gil Pérez, a 16th century soldier and guard who spontaneously teleported from Manila to Mexico. This case remains unexplained.

Another intriguing teleportation account is described in the book The Silent Road written by Tudor Pole who claims that he was teleported several miles from his home during a rainy December evening.

Gil Perez teleportation

Gil Perez teleportation

Major Tudor Wellesley Pole (1884 – 1968) was a celebrated mystic and author of many books. He was deeply interested in spiritualism, the Arthurian Legend, the Holy Grail and the Bahá’í Faith, a religion teaching the essential worth of all religions, and the unity and equality of all people.

According to Pole this strange event took place when he was sitting was at a country station a few miles away from his Sussex home. Pole was waiting for the London train that was delayed due to bad weather late due to bad weather, and the last bus had left. There were also no taxis available so he could get home.

It was It was 5 minutes to 6 pm and he was eager to get home because he was expecting a very important call at 6 pm. He had no chance to make the call from the station because the lines were down.

Three minutes to 6 pm something very odd happened. He had no idea how or what had really taken place, but Pole was suddenly standing in his hall at home, a good 1.5 miles away, and the clock was striking six. Some unknown and unexplained force had moved him from the train station straight to his home, just in time for the phone call he had expected.

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After he finished talking on the phone, Pole looked at his shoes and noticed they were very dry and free from mud, and that his clothes showed no sign of damage or dampness.

The question remains – how did Pole return back to his home 1.5 miles away in just two minutes?

Was he teleported? If so, how and by whom? We cannot answer these questions.

Scientists have demonstrated it’s possible to teleport all the information contained within a particle.

Mysterious Teleportation Case Of Major Tudor Pole Remains Unexplained

How did Major Tudor Pole get home in 2 minutes?

Since then, physicists have been able to teleport such objects as light or single atoms over short distances from one spot to another – in a split second.

In the coming years, researchers will be able to teleport water molecules, carbon oxide and finally DNA or organic molecules.

The next great scientific breakthrough will probably be to successfully teleport solid objects. Eventually, if all goes well, these successful experiments will open up many possibilities for future teleportation of humans.

However, teleportation raises baffling questions about a person’s existence. One thing scientist cannot answer is what happens to the soul if someone is teleported.

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