Unexplained Mystery Of The Leavenworth Underground City In Kansas


MessageToEagle.com – The underground city in Leavenworth, Kansas remains a big puzzle. No-one knows who built it and for what reason.

Beneath the streets of this small Kansas town, residents discovered three blocks of abandoned storefronts, but people living in the town all their lives had no idea such place even existed.

The site of Fort Leavenworth, is known in American history for its role as a key supply base in the settlement of the American West. It is also famous for being the location of several prisons. What is less known, is the strange underground city. Many people heard of it only recently.

Very little is known about this mysterious underground city. All we have are speculations. Researcher who examined the place discovered windows, doors and narrow paths beneath a title company at South Fourth and Delaware streets that lead to storefronts stretching several city blocks and perhaps beyond.

There are also several vaults around town. Some of have them been used for breweries.

leavenworth underground city2
People who lived in the city all their lives never heard of the place before not long ago.

“They were stores of some type. We just don’t know what they were selling, who was running them,” said Jennifer Lemons, who works at the title company.

Some speculate the underground town was created in the 1800s and could have been used during slavery or for fugitives.

“We know that it was pretty secretive, whatever it was that was down here, because not too many people know anything about it,” Lemons said.

Katy Ryan is the editor for LV Magazine and has been researching the mysteries below.

“You know, you just think of the underground as such a dark, spooky place, but to think that this could have maybe been some kind of vibrant economic center is just kind of baffling really,” Ryan said.

leavenworth underground city3
The mysterious tunnel seems to have been an important part of the underground complex.

Construction workers are in the middle of a streetscape project, and some worry the history will be erased.

“I think it would just be kind of tragic if no one knew what it was or if no one cared,” Lemons said.

There is an army base in Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth. It was established around 1827.

Perhaps the city was once an underground part of the base that was sealed off and later totally forgotten about.

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Leavenworth underground city
Was the underground city in Leavenworth once a prison?

A lot of people refer to this as the Leavenworth underground. Few seem to know the real origins of this city.

Some speculate that businesses just added stories over time as paved roads and new construction standards evolved. Others point to the Underground Railroad.
The underground city of Leavenworth is by no means ancient, but it is nevertheless an important piece of history that should not be neglected and forgotten about.

Hopefully more research will be conducted to shed more light on this enigmatic and little known place.