Ancient ‘Giant’ Graves Discovered In Malacca Cave – But Who Was Buried Inside? – It’s time for a controversial discovery. Two ancient giant graves have been found on an island off Malacca in Malaysia.

According to a researcher who unearthed the graves, they are unusually large in dimension – measuring about 5 (16.4 feet) meters by 0.5 (1.6 feet) meter. The graves were about 15 (50 feet) meters apart.

It has now been suggested that the graves offer proof that early settlers in Malacca, including the Malay Sultanate era, were large in structure.

The graves were unearthed by historian Mohd Fuad Khusari M Said, who has 10 years experience in archaeological studies.

Mr. Faud was appointed by the Malacca government to search for new historical sites.

What he found, is truly extraordinary. Mohd Fuad Khusari M Said states that large skeletal remains were visible partially above the ground inside a cave. These ancient remains consist of a skull and some bones. Based on their size, he estimated they came from a man who stood anywhere from 3 to 5 meters (9.8 to 16.4 feet) tall.

The finding has been reported to the authorities in order to gain permission to excavate the site.

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Local chief minister minister Idris Harun, who acknowledged that the bones might be from giants. “We have commissioned the historian to provide facts about undiscovered historical sites and research on the latest discovery of giant-sized remains is ongoing,“ Idris Hadrun said.

Ancient ‘Giant’ Graves Discovered In Malacca Cave – But Who Was Buried Inside?
Mr Azman Wahab, assistant to historian Mohd Fuad Khusari M Said, at the large grave site in Pulau Upeh.PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

The discovery of these giant graves isn’t shocking to locals because tales of the existence of their bones have been told for years.

“Research on this latest find could prove or disprove claims that giant-sized men roamed Malacca a long time ago,” Mohd Fuad said.

For the moment there are very few photos of the ‘giant’ graves. How was buried inside remains a mystery, but what is truly puzzling is the size of the graves. If you noticed, the graves are only 0.5 (1.6 feet) wide. So either they served as burial places for very long and thin people, or there is another explanation that could shed more light on this curious discovery.

Without proper scientific examination of the ancient bones, it’s far-fetched to suggest the graves belong to ancient giants.

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