They Produce Water From The Air! An Amazing Invention For Those Who Really Need It! – “How can we help someone so powerful they can create water out of thin air?” an astonished Jabin yells in Star Trek’s Caretaker.

If you are a Star Trek fan you will remember how the Kazons try to get their hands on technology that can create water out of thin air.

This technology is no longer in the realms of science fiction. Today we can really create water out of thin air!

Global water crisis is growing.
There are companies aware of this critical situation finding ways to generate water almost from… nothing!

A world unique machine will provide the poorest regions on Earth with clean drinking water and electricity.

And this is an ingenious design of the French company Eole Water, which is the inventor of the first wind turbine able to produce of drinking water by condensing the air.

Due to the locations into which the WMS1000 will be most desperately needed it is also necessary to protect it from sandstorms and the presence of a great deal of sand, which could potentially affect the mechanics of the device. It is also crucial that it is capable of withstanding high desert temperatures up to 50C and this is why the decision to test it out in Abu Dhabi was a good move.

Today, 150 million of people worldwide live without any access to safe drinking water in remote areas. The WMS1000 wind turbine does not pump water from a surface or underground source, to later distribute.

It collects water from the air all around us or more exactly, the machine’s large humidity condenser with an equivalent heat exchanger of one meter wide and five kilometers long – makes the job.

The WMS1000 can gain up to 1,000 liters of water per day. It is possible therefore that it will be extremely helpful in remote regions where water is scarce Africa or Asia.

Currently in the desert near Abu Dhabi working prototype turbine with a height of 24 meters, which produces 62 liters of water per hour.

WMS1000 first converts wind energy into electricity. It is used to suck air through the nose of the turbine. The air then goes to power cooling systems, where it emits moisture. Obtained in this way the water is directed down the steel pipes to the tank, which is filtered and purified.

Wind turbine
With as little as 15 mph of wind it is able to harvest between 500 and 1000 liters of clean, drinkable water from the air, while generating 30 kilowatts of electricity.

One device, which is estimated to last 30 years, currently costs 500-600 thousand euros, so surely will be unable to pay a small poor communities. However, over time, if the interest in such a way to produce the water will rise, the price of turbines will be reduced.

Water is produced without external source of energy. No other power but wind is needed to make the machine operational.

Granted, 500-1000 liters does not sound like much, but if it is only used for drinking, then it’s enough to provide 250-500 people with two liters of drinking water per day.

As for energy, 30 kilowatts should be enough to provide light and some refrigeration to a small village. Fulfilling both needs at once saves time and manpower.

The WMS1000 Wind Turbine is capable of producing one thousand liters of safe drinking water per day and it can sustain the process of creating water for decades, without any risk of corrosion!