Scientists In Antarctica Encounter Something Very Strange

Ellen Lloyd – – It’s time to return once again to Antarctica and explore some of the frozen continent’s many secrets. This article examines a strange encounter reported by a group of researchers who state they were confronted face to face with something they could not explain in simple scientific terms.

Scientists In Antarctica Encounter Something Very Strange

It’s not the first time those who visited Antarctica come forward with very strange stories giving us the impression there is much we don’t know about what is buried beneath the thick ice. In our previous article, we talked about the possibility that a remnant of a highly advanced civilization still remains in warmer underground caverns of Antarctica. We discussed the secrets of lake Vostok and some curiosities that indicate the ancient history of Antarctica is much more complex than previously thought.

We have also examined mysterious high-energy particles detected coming up from under the ice.

One researcher who investigated the discovery of these high-energy particles suggests they offer evidence of usage of nuclear technology thousands of years ago. After reviewing scientific data and talking to specialists, he concluded the high-energy particles might be traces of advanced ancient civilizations in Antarctica, or possibly something even more frightening.

Many scientists who have witnessed something unusual while being on Antarctica are reluctant to share their stories, and those who admit not everything is as it seems on this remote outpost often wish to remain anonymous. What these scientists witnessed is truly amazing, but what was it really?

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