Bizarre And Unexplained Disappearances In The Buzau Mountains – What Was The Strange Yellow Object?

Nicolescu Vlad – – Buzau Mountains in Romania are beautiful and many strange things seem to take place here.

This magnificent landscape is still greatly unexplored and shrouded in a veil of mystery.
Mysterious ruins, stories of an unknown ancient race, and the presence of supernatural forces in the area are all aspects that woven together constitute an ancient mystery story few people can resist.

Buzau Mountains
There are many mysterious ancient structures in the Buzau Mountains.

One curious event took place in 1981 when two brothers went to the mountains for training. Both of them were skilled climbers.
After climbing circa three quarters of an abrupt high rock, one of the brothers noticed some strange signs carved onto the rock, but they were very eroded.

Mysterious Yellow Object That Looked Like A Chain

When reaching the top of the rock that was a narrow place, one of the brothers observed a strange yellowish object that looked like a chain. He decided to take a closer look at the puzzling object, but as soon as he touched it something unexplained happened. The man was stunned by some unknown force and vanished into thin air right in front of the yes of his brother.

His brother alerted the police immediately and they came to investigate, but soon the officers accused the remaining brother of hiding evidence and they even threatened him.

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Angry and worried the father of the two men decided to search for his missing son on his own. He was also an experienced climber and he did not fear mountains.

Perhaps if he followed the way up to the top he could find some traces that could shed more light on the mysterious disappearance of his son. When he reached the top, he saw the strange object and he vanished into thin air in front of ten people who observed the event from the ground.

Bizarre And Unexplained Disappearances In The Buzau Mountains
Some strange yellow object caused people to vanish into thin air. Image credit:

In the next few days, some experts came to research the surroundings. The area was thoroughly examined. A helicopter also checked the region, but nothing abnormal was found.

Since there were no traces of the missing people and nothing unusual had been found, a decision was taken to demolish the entire rock with dynamite.

Many strange and unexplained events take place all over the world, and this mysterious incident was one of them.

But elder local people have heard of and even witnessed other strange events, like unusual color of the sky for a certain amount of time, occasionally blue fog responsible for other vanishings or even short distance teleportation.

It should be mentioned that this area is part of a seismic zone.

Nature is often unpredictable… or is there something else going on?

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