Daily Life Of Ancient Maya

A. Sutherland  – AncientPages.com – All Maya regulated their lives by the sacred calendar and their belief that supernatural beings had the power to intervene in human affairs on earth.

Generally, they followed similar residential living patterns and highly respected family and lineage relations. However, many aspects of everyday life for the Maya, such as their clothing or food they consumed daily, depended mainly on their position in the social hierarchy and in what part of the country they lived.

How Did The Ancient Maya Live?

Much we know about the ordinary Maya comes from the 16th-century Spanish observations that provide details about their daily life. Information about the thatched-roof huts, in which they lived comes from excavations.

Daily Life Of Ancient Maya

Thatched-roofed hut in a village in Costa Maya, Mexico. Credit: raksyBH – Adobe Stock

The majority of Mayans lived in huts with walls woven from branches, and wooden roofing covered with thatched palm straw or hay provided adequate protection from rain or snow, and walls were made of stone or mud. The Maya built their huts on low beat earth platforms or even stones that isolated them effectively from the ground.

Most huts had simple basic design without stairs or sculptures, and others had one or two sets of long and wide stairs, decorated along their sides with traditional sculptures.

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