The Face Of The Amarakarei – Remarkable Enormous Face Caved Into Stone Cliffs In Peru – Hidden deep in the Peruvian Amazon is a remarkable enormous face carved into stone cliffs. The “Face Of The Amarakarei“ has been there for as long anyone can remember, but it’s difficult to locate and access. A group of explores set out to investigate the region and were lucky to finally find the ancient face that is very important to the natives.

Amazon forest Peru
Amazon forest Peru. Image credit:

The Harakbut is an ancient culture with ancient knowledge. A group of Harakbut decided to launch an expedition to explore their past because they felt it’s important to continue with the traditions and customs that each tribe has.

The expedition’s goal was to locate an enormous face carved into stone cliffs hidden in the depths of the Peruvian Amazon.

Amazon forest Peru
The spirits are watching you in the forest. Image credit:

“The important thing when you enter the forest is that it is an ancient territory in which our ancestors lived for many years and you should understand that the spirits are watching you. We have to go with an open heart to demonstrate to them that we share the same concern for the forest, “explains one of the expedition members.

Amazon forest Peru
The reunion with the Face Of The Amarakarei. Image credit:


Amazon forest in Peru
The Face had a profound look. Image credit:

After walking for many hours though the Amazon forest the team finally found the place. They could sense there was as strong energy present in the area.

“When we reached the Face there was an impact, the face of a human being reflecting on who we are. He had a profound look, one of the explorers said.

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“Sacred sites are very important to us. We must reaffirm that we have for future generations to continue to preserve our identity, our culture, our way of life and the forests.

The expedition hopes that this discovery will help to strengthen the people’s identify and reaffirms the Harakbut territory.