Chonchon ‘Tue Tue’ Bird With Human Head Brought Bad Omens To Places It Haunted In Beliefs Of Mapuche Indians

A. Sutherland – – Chonchon (Spanish: ‘chonchón’) is a mythical, terrifying bird from the beliefs of the Araucanian (Mapuchen) people who mostly inhabit the Central Valley of Chile, south of the Biobío River. A smaller group lives in Neuquén province, west-central Argentina.

The chonchon legend – still remembered today – tells about the ancient belief that certain people can willingly become this creature.

The Chonchon or Tue-Tue is a bird that brings bad omens and bad luck to the places it haunts. It refers to a sorcerer who used magic lotion on his neck that makes his head detach from his body and fly everywhere to make his terrifying tricks of evil, especially on dark nights.

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