Unique 3,000-Year-Old Script Discovered In Georgia Re-Writes Ancient History

MessageToEagle.com – A unique discovery has been made in Georgia that scientists say could change ancient world history.

Hidden at Grakliani Hill in eastern Georgia, archaeologists have found a 3,000-year-old script that now after proper analysis has turned out to be not only the oldest writing in Georgia but also the third oldest piece of writing ever discovered.

The writing was inscribed on the wall of the 7th Century BC temple dedicated to a fertility goddess.

Unique 3,000-Year-Old Script Discovered In Georgia Re-Writes Ancient History
A unique 3,000-year-old script discovered in Georgia re-writes ancient history. Image credit: Agenda.ge

“The writings on the two altars of the temple are really well preserved. On the one altar several letters are carved in clay while the second altar’s pedestal is wholly covered with writings,” head of the Institute of Archeology of Tbilisi State University, Vakhtang Licheli said

The unidentified script was found in 2015 by an archaeological expedition from Tbilisi State University. Now, one year later, Miami-based Beta Analytic, the world’s largest professional radiocarbon dating laboratory has conducted analysis of the writing and it has been confirmed this piece of writing is truly unique.

Experts agreed the discovered bilingual piece was a sample of written language but they had no idea what written system the script used. The only thing known was that both writings dated back about 3,000 years and each used a different writing system.

According to historians this was a sensational discovery that created a huge puzzle for archaeologists.

“A written language is a sign on civilization, and the world has now enriched with another huge civilization,” Vakhtang Licheli said.

Ancient vessels discovered in Georgia
Vessels and weapons found at Grakliani Hill. Photo by qartli.ge.

Until now the Bolnisi inscriptions were believed to be the oldest Georgian language inscriptions written in the Georgian Asomtavruli script on the Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral, a basilica located in Bolnisi Municipality, Georgia. The inscriptions were dated 494 AD. This meant among the world’s 14 writing systems Georgia was ranked as the fifth oldest script.

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However the new discovery should change the world ranking, as the Grakliani unknown writing is now the third oldest writing system following the 3,500-year-old Chinese hieroglyphs and Cuneiform script.

Ancient vessels discovered in Georgia
These vessels were discovered at Grakliani Hill.Photo by qartli.ge

Excavations at the Grakliani region reveal people inhabited this part of the world for at least 300,000 years. So far archaeologists have managed to excavate about ten layers of the site and discovered ancient weapons, worshiping icons and pharmacological devices.

Some of the most intriguing finds include a printing device of the 4th Century BC that resembles a similar object discovered in South Mesopotamia, a gold disc dating back to the 5th-6th Century BC.and an altar platform discovered in the area has no analogue in the world.

At the site there are also several ancient rooms for worship and special mills and hand-mills that must be examined in more detail.

The 3,000-year-old script discovered at Grakliani makes the entire site of even greater archaeological and historical value.