This Woman Feels No Pain Because Of A Mutation In A Previously-Unidentified Gene

Eddie Gonzales Jr. – – Put one of your fingers above a fire and you will quickly yell it hurts. What if you could feel no pain at all? Impossible, you say? Not, really.

A woman who feels virtually no pain and experiences very little anxiety and fear, has been examined by scientists. Her unusual condition is caused by a mutation in a previously-unidentified gene.

This Woman Feels No Pain Because Of A Mutation In A Previously-Unidentified Gene

Credit: Public Domain

Being painless has some disadvantages. The woman said she in her lifelong history of cuts and burns the injuries tend to heal very quickly. Not feeling any pain, she didn’t notice her burns until the smell of her burning flesh reminded her of her injury.

The woman has been unaware of her condition until her 60s, and scientists do not dismiss the possibly there may be other people with the same mutation.

In a press statement, lead author of the study, Dr James Cox from the University College London said “this woman has a particular genotype that reduces activity of a gene already considered to be a possible target for pain and anxiety treatments.”

The woman, who is from Scotland was 65 years when she sought treatment for an issue with her hip, which turned out to involve severe joint degeneration despite her experiencing no pain. At age 66, she underwent surgery on her hand, which is normally very painful, and yet she reported no pain after the surgery. Her pain insensitivity was diagnosed by Dr Devjit Srivastava, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine at an NHS hospital in the north of Scotland and co-lead author of the paper.

She told researchers who examined her she has never needed painkillers after surgery such as dental procedures.

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Her genetic analyses revealed two notable mutations. One was a microdeletion in a pseudogene, previously only briefly annotated in medical literature, which the researchers have described for the first time and dubbed FAAH-OUT. She also had a mutation in the neighboring gene that controls the FAAH enzyme.

The FAAH gene is well-known to pain researchers, as it is involved in endocannabinoid signaling central to pain sensation, mood and memory. The gene now called FAAH-OUT was previously assumed to be a ‘junk’ gene that was not functional. The researchers found there was more to it than previously believed, as it likely mediates FAAH expression.

This Woman Feels No Pain Because Of A Mutation In A Previously-Unidentified Gene

Jo Cameron with her mother and husband. Credit: UCL

Commenting her conditions, the woman said:“I would be elated if any research into my own genetics could help other people who are suffering. I had no idea until a few years ago that there was anything that unusual about how little pain I feel – I just thought it was normal. Learning about it now fascinates me as much as it does anyone else.

It’s still too early to say how rare her conditions is and further studies must be carried out.

The woman’s lack of feeling pain is undoubtedly cause by her mutation in the previously-unidentified gene, but so-called superhumans who are able to withstand extreme pain have been documented before.

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We keep learning new things about our body every day.

Written by Eddie Gonzales Jr. – Staff Writer